The Best Yacht Chef Jobs to Apply for This Season

The Best Yacht Chef Jobs to Apply for This Season

If you’re a chef who also has a taste for travel, applying for yacht chef jobs could be the perfect way to combine both of your passions.

Yacht chef jobs have been growing in popularity over the past few years, especially with younger chefs who do not crave the consistency of working in a traditional kitchen. Whether you plan to work on a yacht for the busy summer season or want to make it a permanent career and travel the globe, here are some of the best yacht chef jobs to apply for this season.

5 considerations for finding the best yacht chef jobs for you

Every private chef has very different ideas about what they want from their work life on board. Some want to be on a boat for short periods of time and prefer to stay in one location, whereas others prefer to travel permanently. Here are some things to think about if you want to find the perfect role for you:

1. How long do you want to be away for?

Some private chef roles on yachts are for a very specific period of time – usually this will be a defined number of months – while some job adverts will be looking for permanent crew members. Look for temporary roles if you just want to get some experience over one or two seasons, but if you’re committed to the life of a yacht chef, look for something more permanent.

2. Is there a particular destination you would prefer?

In most job adverts, there will be an itinerary of where the boat plans to dock and its general region of travel. Ranging from the coast of Croatia to a multi-stop trip around the Bahamas, you can choose a job based on where’s next on your travel bucket list.

3. What is the size of the boat?

It can be intimidating to become a crew member of a very large private yacht. If you haven’t spent much time aboard, we’d recommend searching for a role on smaller vessels first to gain experience.

4. How many people will you be expected to cook for?

You should also think about the number of guests that you’ll be expected to cook for when considering a role. Depending on who owns the yacht and how frequently they tend to host guests, the number of people to be catered for could fluctuate on a regular basis.

5. How large is the culinary crew going to be?

It’s important to have a talented team around you if you want to present prestigious clients with delicious food, so don’t forget to ask about how much support you’re going to have in the kitchen. A job may seem perfect, but if you’re expected to cook for 20 people without a proper team, your yacht chef dreams could quickly become a nightmare.

What is the salary of a yacht chef?

As a yacht chef, you will be earning a lot more than the typical private chef on land – plus, all your earnings will be tax-free. However, not being able to go home after a long shift, and having little control over where you travel can be less appealing.

What is a yacht chef called?

There are a lot of different names you may see in job adverts for yacht chefs, but they all mean the same thing. Other than yacht chef, you may also see job adverts for a private chef, crew chef, seasonal yacht chef, etc.

What do you need to be a yacht chef?

To be a yacht chef, you’ll need an extensive culinary background and preferably experience in high-end restaurants or larger private households. Although being out at sea may sound like a holiday, it can be a gruelling job in a small kitchen. You’ll also need to be prepared to work long hours and tend to guests with allergies, intolerances or preferences who will expect you to accommodate their requests.

You’ll need to have good knowledge of numerous cuisines, know how to source the best seasonal produce from local markets, understand how to design menus that cater to different dietary requirements and be adaptable to any last-minute change of plans.

What is the job of a yacht chef?

The job of a yacht chef is very similar to any other private chef; it’s your job to plan, prepare, and cook food for paying clients – the only difference is that you’ll be on a boat and travelling around rather than cooking in one fixed location.

If you’d like to learn more about available yacht chef jobs, get in contact with us today.

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