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Long-Term and Short-Term Holiday Private Chefs

Michelle and Dean at Harper Fine Dining provide skilled and experienced overseas chefs for seasonal and temporary positions within holiday villas, ski chalets and for yachts worldwide. It is possible to hire a chef overseas to accompany you on your vacation abroad in many different settings. We ensure privacy is at the forefront of our minds and of our chefs too.

Your chef overseas will be responsible for making specialised meals and preparing them according to your specifications, dietary needs, and taste preferences. They are proficient in making all world cuisines, as they continue to learn innovative cooking techniques to meet the diverse dining needs of our clients. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, have allergies, or any other specific dietary requirements, our private overseas chefs will prepare and serve your meals meeting these needs. Dean and Michelle will learn these specifics and ensure a chef is hand picked with experience and knowledge in all aspects of your brief.

Long-Term and Short-Term Holiday Private Chefs

If you require a private chef live-in or out abroad, Harper Fine Dining will fix the appropriate chef based on personality, preferred cuisines and special diet knowledge. We connect you with expert overseas chefs who will cook according to your requirements in long-term and short-term placements. They will source quality, local produce from local markets and suppliers, taking all of that stress away from you and leaving you to enjoy your time away.

You can hire a chef overseas on a short-term basis to enjoy professionally prepared dishes when you are away from home. Our private chefs are available for overseas private residences, vacation rentals, villas, yachts and chalets. We also offer long-term overseas chef services for your secondary home or private residence abroad, whom you can hire on a permanent basis to cover all of your meals.

Enjoy Fresh and Delicious Cuisines Overseas

Dean and Michelle will assist in every step to find a highly accomplished private chef overseas, so that you can maintain your health or consistency in the quality of your meals  having fresh and delicious professionally made dishes. No matter in which country you are, we can select a chef for your abroad residence, villa, chalet, holiday destination, or yacht.

Michelle and Dean have specialised in hiring the industry’s best private chefs overseas who can perfectly prepare all cuisines. With our extensive experience, we have offered a wide range of tailored services and a high standard of recruitment to satisfy your culinary needs. We will learn your brief and all requirements your family has and be sure to provide you with a chef that meets your exact criteria. Your meals will be expertly prepared by your chef, offering dietary knowledge, lactose-free / gluten-free, paleo, sugar- free etc to suit your taste specifications and dietary needs.

Expert Private Chef Overseas Team

Hiring a private chef overseas means you can pay attention to other important things and enjoy an incredible dining experience without worrying about cooking. You can hire a chef overseas based on your specific needs to have quality and technical cooking of your dishes. Your chef will give you the experience of new plates and cuisines every day as they have expertise in preparing different styles of dishes executed with the finest quality and presentation.

Our chefs will create a menu with your collaboration and follow your taste preferences and guidelines. Your chef will take great care of your privacy and maintain hygienic standards while dealing with any produce.

Eat Well and Save Time

Your chef can exceed your expectations by offering incredible cooking services for special occasions. By taking the cooking and dining stress away, you can enjoy an upscale dinner party, cooked by your chef within your home or holiday venue.

Michelle and Dean learn as much about your requirements as possible, so that we can properly brief your chosen chef. Your chef will always clean the kitchen to restaurant standards after each service and cook to strict hygiene requirements.

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