From Ski Resorts to Beach Villas: The Exciting World of Holiday Chef Jobs

From Ski Resorts to Beach Villas: The Exciting World of Holiday Chef Jobs

If you have a passion for cooking but also aspire to see more of the world, working as a travelling chef could be an inspiring and fulfilling career path.

Holiday chef jobs in ski resorts, on yachts, and at beach villas offer a unique and exciting opportunity for chefs to further their culinary skills while satisfying their need to travel and make lasting memories from their adventures.

Although working abroad may seem like an exciting prospect, you may be wondering if it’s really the role for you and if so, where to start. Here’s a glimpse into the world of holiday chef jobs to help you decide if it’s time to grab your passport, pack your bags and venture out on the culinary adventure of a lifetime.

1. Explore Stunning Environments You’d Never Normally Visit

Not all of us have the money to do a ski season every year or rent out a yacht for the summer in the most picturesque and sought-after destinations around the world. As a private chef, you can travel to these beautiful places to practise your craft and impress paying guests – all while earning a living.

Whether you want to be based near the beach or in the shadow of snowy peaks, getting a holiday chef job is a great way to scratch the travel itch while building your resume.

2. Be Prepared For Jobs Being Seasonal

One of the main points to consider when mulling over a holiday chef job is that these roles are typically seasonal in nature; a ski resort isn’t open all year round, and most people will only charter a yacht during the peak summer months.

If you’re happy with a bit of spontaneity in your life, and fancy a change every six months or so, this type of work could be great for you.

3. Gain International Exposure to Level Up Your Cooking

Most private chefs have a broad knowledge of a variety of cuisines and cooking techniques. If you’re able to practise some of these skills in the country they originated in, you can add a valuable global perspective to your cooking.

Not only will you be exploring the food cultures of different countries as you travel around, but holiday chef jobs also bring you into contact with travellers from all over the world. This gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with people from different cultures, expanding your culinary knowledge and global perspective.

Chefs who work in ski resorts and beach villas can build valuable connections with other professionals in the field, which can additionally open doors to future opportunities and collaborations.

4. You’ll Receive Plenty of Perks

Depending on the specific job you choose and seasonal demand, you’ll probably get the chance to enjoy periods of downtime which you can use to explore the local area and enhance your work-life balance.

Similarly, many holiday chef jobs offer accommodation within the resort or villa, which is a convenient and cheap way to live – plus you’ll get access to all the on-site amenities at the resort.

What is the highest-paying chef job?

If you want to make a career out of being a chef, you’ll probably be interested in taking on some of the most high-paying roles. Typically, private chefs will earn more than restaurant chefs because they can set their own rates and choose their own hours.

Can I work abroad as a chef?

Many chefs who aspire to travel the world will take jobs overseas, for example, seasonal roles in ski chalets, villas, or yachts.

Even though these roles are typically for a shorter-term contract, you can work consistently throughout the year if you time things correctly. For example, you could opt to work at a ski chalet in the colder months, and then move to a yacht for the summer season.

How much is a chef paid per hour in the UK?

Typically, a private chef will be paid anything between £250 and £750 a day or £60,000 – £150,000 per year. This is quite a lot more than a restaurant chef who can expect to be paid between £37,157 and £59,611 as a head chef.

What GCSEs do you need to be a chef?

You don’t need any particular academic qualifications to become a chef. Talent, creativity, a strong work ethic and of course, a love of great food will take you a long way in this industry – the rest of what you need to know can be learned along the way.

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