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We will Find a Professional Residence Chefs for you

For unrivalled permanent dining solutions, Michelle and Dean at Harper Fine Dining offer a selection of private chefs handpicked to your specific needs and requirements. We place residence chefs in London or abroad, either for your permanent residence or holiday home. Dean and Michelle will learn as much as possible about your requirements, from preferred cuisines, dietary restrictions, how your family runs on a daily basis and what kind of personality you are looking for to work within your home, so that we can carefully select a residence chef and ensure they meet your unique needs. It is important that our private chefs are an extension of your day to day and suit your lifestyle. Your privacy is always at the forefront of what we do, we ensure the same for our chefs.

We have access to some of the best professional chefs in the UK, all with several years experience in households around the world. All of our private chefs are trained to the highest calibre and are able to offer services that are tailored specifically to our clients.

Hire Residence Chefs in London on Long and Short-Term Basis

We provide tailor-made services which are oriented around our clients’ preferences. You can hire a permanent residence chef in London to prepare all of your meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner and any snacks / juices or smoothies you may wish throughout the day. We can give you the option to hire a home chef for specific days in a week or for weekends.

We have a talented and experienced network of personal and private chefs that you can hire either temporarily or permanently, to suit your preferences and dining requirements. Our chefs are hand-selected, skilled, and fully trained and have vast experience in luxury restaurants, hotels, and for HNW families. If you are looking for household staff, trust Dean and Michelle at Harper Fine Dining to look at all of your details and fix the most suitable residence chef for your family.

What do our Residence Chefs do?

• The personal chef you hire for your home will create a bespoke menu according to your cuisine preferences, specific ingredients, and dietary requirements.

• Source the highest quality seasonal produce from trusted local suppliers.

• All the food will be freshly made in your home kitchen, in a fully hygienic manner.

• Your chef will clean the kitchen after cooking and serving your meals.

• If your family runs on different timetables, your chef will ensure each member has what they need at times to suit them.

• Maintain Privacy at all times

Get Tasteful, Healthy, and Freshly Cooked Everyday Meals

For families who do not have the time to cook, due to work stresses or busy family lives, our private residence chef service in London will ensure you can look after the most important aspects of your life, without compromising on well cooked and thought out meals. By hiring a residence chef, you can enjoy freshly cooked food by a professional, that is competent and knowledgeable in different world cuisines, who has contacts for some of the best London suppliers, and is passionate about seasonal, local and quality produce. Our chefs are experienced and will prepare different cuisines to perfection while maintaining your bespoke requirements.

We connect you with chefs who are proficient and experienced in making all cuisines using traditional and modern techniques ensuring delicious flavour profiles while working towards any health based diets or dietary restrictions. You can specify a menu for the week or your expert chef can make their own specialised recommendations to give you a unique dining experience.

Our Residence Chefs Can Cater for In-Home Dinner Parties

Rather than dining out for dinner parties, your residence chef is an alternate option. For any special occasions, your private chef could provide you and your guests with a more exquisite dining experience, as and when you require. Usually all private chefs will be happy to provide these such events if discussed and arranged in advance.

No matter what the occasion is, our chefs deliver the very best dining experiences, giving you time to enjoy your guests’ company. You can employ our private chef services for any occasion, including birthdays, engagement parties, retirement parties, baby showers, housewarming parties, anniversaries, stag parties, Christmas dinner-lunch parties, and more. Explore our menus and give your guests an incredible dining experience like no other.

Your Chef Takes Care of Your Special Requirements

With Michelle and Dean at Harper Fine Dining, you can hire residence chefs in London, across the UK and overseas, that will plan your meals and menus according to your special dietary instructions. You can enjoy freshly prepared, healthy meals using quality, local, seasonal ingredients throughout the week by using our resident chef services. 

Whether you require a chef for a healthier lifestyle, to treat a specific condition, or fight illness, or to take the stress away from cooking when you have a busy lifestyle, our chefs can cater to all your dining requirements. Your dietary needs will be identified, and your chefs will learn about your preferences and nutritional goals. Your personal chef will create a tailored meal plan accordingly.

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