Hire Yacht Chefs in London

Hire Yacht Chefs

Dean and Michelle have an extensive black book of highly skilled and experienced private yacht chefs who provide luxurious dining experiences during any charter. At Harper Fine Dining, our chefs are proficient in sourcing the best local and seasonal ingredients and creating innovative dishes according to your specific culinary requirements. You can use their menu suggestions or specify your bespoke requirements. Based on your brief, including the personality of the chef, dietary restrictions and preferred cuisines we will hand pick the most suitable chef for you and your guests.

Our chefs have worked in luxury hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, for UHNW professionals, and elite families. You can hire our yacht chefs on both a long-term and short-term basis. We have a large network of chefs who provide an incredible dining experience during your yacht trip. We can connect you with the industry’s finest yacht chefs who will exceed your expectations by creating well presented dishes in varied cuisines, having sourced local produce and using the latest cooking techniques.

Your privacy is of course at the heart of what we do and we ensure our chefs have the same values.

All of our yacht chefs have relevant and up to date certification to work on your yacht.

Private Chefs for Yacht Events

By hiring our private yacht chef services, you can enjoy exquisite dining, specific to your exact requirements. Your private yacht chef will add more colour to your experience by cooking to the highest level, curating menus based on seasonal, locally sourced, quality produce and using creativity and flair while presenting their dishes.

Your private chef will offer well thought out and customisable menus as per your unique culinary needs. Our yacht chefs pay close attention to every detail while making a variety of world cuisines to attain full satisfaction. 

Specify to Michelle and Dean your recruitment requirements and hire short-term or permanent private chefs for your yacht. After understanding your exact brief, details of the yacht, other staff on board and any fine details you can provide us with, we will find the perfect fit.

Private Chefs for Yachts

We have a network of experienced yacht chefs for permanent positions on board your yacht, that will guarantee preparation of dishes of the finest quality to satisfy every requirement, with an emphasis on high end cooking, creating interesting flavour profiles and presenting elegant dishes.

Our private chefs will ensure that all menus are tailored specifically to your preferences, sourcing luxury ingredients and local seasonal produce.

Our private chefs will prepare your meals to the standards you require and beyond. State your preferences and needs, we will work closely to your brief and present you with only the most suitable chefs. 

Your chosen yacht chef will handle every aspect of the cooking process independently, from sourcing the finest ingredients to preparing dishes to Michelin level.

Great Care Taken of All of your Dietary Requirements

All private chefs registered to Harper Fine Dining are dedicated to fulfilling your dietary requirements and needs. Standards are never compromised, ensuring you have the best possible experience out at sea. We will hand pick chefs that have experience to match all of your requirements.

Your chef will follow all your instructions while preparing food according to your dietary plans. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle or specific diet by hiring a professional private chef.

Benefits of Hiring our Yacht Chefs

All meals will be prepared to the Michelin standards, with the freshest ingredients, while maintaining the highest standards of kitchen hygiene. Dean and Michelle will ensure You hire the most suitable yacht chef to fulfil your requirements.

Professional and Highly Experienced Yacht Chefs

Our private yacht chefs will take care of your entire dining experiences, leaving no stone unturned. Our priority is to ensure that you enjoy your time out at sea with exquisite food and service. Simply relax and they will take care of your every need.

Customised Menu

Our private charter chef spends sufficient time learning about your unique tastes and requirements. Our private chefs attend to any special dietary requirements for you and your guests. All menus are as unique and curated with your preferences in mind.

Make your Yacht Events Special

Unquestionably, a delicious menu can enhance the appeal of your event. Spending quality time with your guests and elevating the occasion are both made possible with the help of our private yacht chefs.

Key Responsibilities of our Yacht Chefs

  • Ensuring that every dish is delivered to the highest standards
  • Quality, local, seasonal produce will be sourced
  • Food and hygiene standards are up to par at all times
  • Kitchen stocking
  • Adhering to the highest standards of kitchen hygiene
  • Preparing meals of all times during your yacht holiday
  • Flexibility of working hours and changes of plan
  • Client privacy is of the utmost importance
  • Team work

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