The Art of Entertaining: Hosting the Perfect Dinner Table with a Private Chef

The Art of Entertaining: Hosting the Perfect Dinner Table with a Private Chef

Having colleagues, friends or loved ones gathered to share a meal is one of the best parts of hosting a dinner party, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly stressful.

As the host, it’s often up to you to choose a theme, plan the menu, invite guests, set the dinner table, and accommodate a range of dietary requirements.

One way to take the stress out of hosting a dinner party and give yourself the chance to properly enjoy your night, is to hire a private chef. Here are just a few of the ways that a private chef can assist you to create a memorable evening with minimal stress.

Do people still eat at the dinner table?

Although it may not be as common among families anymore, there’s no better place to host a dinner party than right at your dining table. This adds an air of formality, ensures everyone is comfortable and allows for food to be served individually.

Should you eat at the dinner table?

One of the nicest parts about hosting – and attending – a dinner party is sitting at the table amongst friends and family.

Sitting around the table gives your guests a good chance to mingle and engage with others, especially those whom they may not know as well. It’s also easier to savour your food and enjoy every bite when seated.

How to host the perfect dinner party for your friends and family

As much as we’d all like things to be simple and easy, hosting a successful dinner party is rarely both of these things. Here are some tips on how you can be the “‘host with the most”’ at your next gathering:

Should you hire a private chef?

Hiring a personal chef is one of the best choices you can make in the run-up to your dinner party. A private chef will be on hand to help with all elements of the night; from planning the menu in advance and expertly prepping the ingredients, to dealing with food intolerances and clearing up long after you’ve said goodbye to your guests.

You can choose a private chef who specialises in a certain cuisine, or someone with a wider knowledge when it comes to creating menus. Either way, if you really want to relax during your dinner party, hiring a private chef should be the top item on your to-do list.

Plan a menu that caters for all

The more guests you invite to a dinner party, the more dietary requirements you’ll have to accommodate. It can be difficult to know how to plan a menu that will be as impressive to vegetarians as it will to meat eaters, but also accounts for those who may face restrictions such as a dairy free or gluten free diet. Fortunately, this is where your private chef can step in.

A private chef will have extensive experience working in professional kitchens as well as with discerning private clients. This means they’ll be well-versed in planning exquisite menus that appeal to everyone. Together you can design an exciting menu that your guests will be talking about long after the evening is over.

Perfect your dinner table decoration

With your private chef taking care of all the ingredients and preparing each dish, you can focus your attention on getting creative with your table settings.

Keeping colour palettes consistent across your linens, dishes and tableware is an easy way to create an elevated aesthetic – but you can also add pops of colour and interest in unexpected ways. Social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration for tablescapes as well as items such as floral arrangements, drinkware, name cards, and table runners.

Set the mood for the evening

Creating the right ambience for the evening is just as important as the food, so take time to think about the vibe you want to cultivate.

Making a carefully curated dinner party playlist is always a good idea. If you want a more low-key affair, choose some sultry jazz music or mellow acoustic hits to help your guests unwind and loosen up. Alternatively, you can try some pop or disco music to liven up the party and ensure your guests are having the time of their lives.

Finish off the dining room with some lighting; try candles and mood lighting that provides enough light for people to see what they’re doing, without it being overly bright and clinical.

Enjoy the evening

If you’ve hired a private chef for the occasion, you don’t need to be running back and forth from the kitchen all night – they will have everything covered. So, take it all in and make the most of the time with your nearest and dearest.

If you have an important dinner party coming up, we can help you find the perfect private chef to ensure your evening is a delicious (and enjoyable!) success. 

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