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Hire a Private Chef for Social Events

We strive to provide a unique dining experience for you and your guests for any social event. We will help you organise your party by hiring premium private chefs, service teams and sommeliers. Our aim at Harper Fine Dining is to make your event memorable, efficient, and well-managed. Dean and Michelle will spend time getting to know exactly what you require, the style of the evening, if it is to be a formal or more relaxed event and what your evening is celebrating, we will select the most suitable team to fit your brief, based on the cuisine you require and the style of cooking and service that we feel will work the best for you and your special evening. Our private chefs will handle all of the cooking, preparing delicious cuisines across various styles in your kitchen, while you spend time with your guests.

For your social event, we allocate skilled and experienced chefs based on the number of guests attending. Our chefs are highly proficient and adept at crafting sophisticated dishes. We pay meticulous attention to your taste preferences and culinary requirements, ensuring a remarkable and personalised experience. With the support of our professional private chefs and knowledgeable waitstaff, your social gathering will be an exceptional occasion.

We offer the flexibility to hire multiple chefs for your social event tailored to the size of your party. Our accomplished chefs are well-versed in preparing a wide range of culinary delights ensuring that every guests requirements are considered. Hiring our professional private chefs for your social event will ensure a unique and remarkable experience for you and your guests.

We collaborate with you to create a memorable dinner

If you choose to host a social event at your home or any other private venue, we have unique private chef hire services. Michelle and Dean will collaborate with you and your chef to design a bespoke menu, taking their suggestions, you can enjoy new dishes made with a Michelin-star style. If you wish, you could also suggest the dishes that you would like to feature on your menu and our chefs will prepare each dish perfectly by incorporating innovative cooking techniques.

We have catered for many large-scale and small-scale social events by delivering bespoke private chef services and by maintaining professionalism and excellence at every step. All of the team value your privacy and accomplish their jobs efficiently ensuring incredible customer service throughout the planning and delivery of your event.

What makes our Private Chefs and Service Team the best for Social Events

Hiring our specialised private chefs and front of house staff for social events ensures a luxurious feel and peace of mind. With the fresh, seasonal and delicious dishes your professional chef creates. Impress your guests while providing them with a satisfying dining experience. Our Chefs will manage the cooking and presentation of the menu you decide for your special occasion. The following aspects make our team the best in the business!

  • Highly skilled and professional
  • Vast experience working for luxury restaurants
  • Specialise in all types of cuisines and cooking techniques
  • Prepare each dish with balanced flavours and eye catching presentation
  • Fully certified and trained chefs
  • Quality and seasonal ingredients
  • Clean the kitchen before leaving
  • Prepare dishes according to your preferences and dietary requirements
  • Personable and helpful team
  • Discreet and respectful of your Privacy

Our Private Chef Hire Services are tailored to your specific needs

At Harper Fine Dining, we tailor every aspect of our private chef hire services for social events according to your specific requirements. All our chefs are trained, skilled, and experienced in delivering 100% satisfactory services to our clients. You can hire chefs for social events who have excelled in making a variety of dishes by implying the best cooking techniques. Tell us about your menu and taste preferences.

Dean and Michelle will connect you with a suitable chef with experience and skills in cooking the food you love for your event. They will arrive at your private venue and prepare the food on a committed day with professional excellence. We consider your specific guidelines, taste instructions, and dietary requirements during food preparation. Enjoy restaurant-style cuisines freshly prepared by our chefs and make your event memorable for all.

We’ve Made Private Chef Hire Easy for your Events

Our aim is to always exceed our client’s expectations by offering informed organisation, incredible cooking services and seamless delivery for social events, large or small. We aim to make your event that extra bit special by taking the time to understand your exact requirements. We remove the stress of cooking and cleaning down. We make hiring a private chef easy and stress-free for you and your party.

We learn as much about your event as possible so we can properly brief the chefs and waiters who will come to your home, usually a couple of hours ahead of your party, set your table, polish your glassware, prepare your wines and serve you and your guests, already knowing all details about your kitchen and the dietary restrictions of your guests. This enables you to enjoy the occasion and relax without worrying about the meal, which can be a source of stress and time consuming to plan. In addition, our chefs will clean up after your dinner and leave everything as they found it. Get in touch now and enjoy our services by specifying your culinary needs.

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